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Why Florida State Basketball Team Wears Blue in November?

FSU has been through a continuous evolutionary process for revamping its all-sports costumes and kits. Of all the sports that Florida State competes in, the basketball uniform alterations have attracted the most audiences, thanks to the huge fanbase and expensive marketing structure of the basketball clubs that invest in the Florida State basketball team. In 2014, a logo change happened, followed by its realization, and then helmet changes occurred in FSU football teams. These changes were large enough to be digested by the fans when a complete basketball uniform overhauling finally took place in 2018 and beyond. The most significant changes for American Heritage month i.e., November in FSU took place when the Florida State University’s affiliate school and college students wore turquoise blue uniforms for a complete month.

The Seminoles wore the turquoise basketball uniforms for November in union with seven other State Universities that celebrated the Native American Heritage month concurrently. The theme behind this union was the three symbols of harmony, friendship, and fellowship in Native American Culture, and emboldened by Nike Seven sponsorship of the sweet and unified gesture by State Universities.

The logo changes back in 2014 were partly because of the outdated specs in the logo and the sponsorship’s unhappiness about the design. Nike made it to its collection and started selling jerseys with updated logos all over the United States. The uniforms then first appeared in Florida State spring games, followed by major events and leagues at FSU, and later at national championships. The men’s Florida State basketball team wore these blue jerseys for the first time in 2018 at the ACC- Big Ten Challenge, and the fans loved it. The uniforms were bright and blue and were tactically launched to celebrate the Native American Heritage Month in connection with the Seminole Tribe.

Development of FSU Blue Jerseys

Nike introduced its N7 collection in 2013, of which the bright blue basketball uniforms were dedicated to Native American Heritage month to be celebrated annually by the FSU in November. The official merchandise kicks out with the Florida State Seminoles basketball season which makes it evident that the sports championship held throughout the month was to make their players use turquoise jerseys at all the championships during November.

By 2018, Nike N7 managed to widen its availability to schools and local tribal communities with ready-made blue jerseys to celebrate the month of American Heritage and to integrate the culture and diversity across multiple communities living in Florida. Before the American Heritage Month started in November 2018, the turquoise Seminole jerseys were made available at all the official Nike N7 stores as well as Seminole’s official merchandise.

Inspiration Behind Turquoise Basketball Uniforms

Florida State basketball team has deep cultural bonds with the Seminole tribe, the Native American tribe considered dominant in the sport. The color blending, logos, and iconic spears on the novel uniforms are evidence of the team’s affinity with the tribal norms and its inhabitants. Nike, however, has been reluctant to switch all of FSU’s state sports gear into similar combinations until 2016. Ultimately, the state and sponsorships agreed to go ahead with the ‘Blue November’ basketball jerseys followed by all-sports bright blue uniforms for the American Heritage Month celebrations.

Florida State University issued a statement in favor of the new uniforms on the grounds that the University supports diversity and representation of native Americans in sports as well as in its sports gear, especially in basketball. This is because of a huge representation of natives as student-athletes, coaches, boosters, and university administration, and popular support among FSU basketball supporters to induct the logo and bright bluish shades into FSU sports jerseys.

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