Hamco Sports provide the best custom Bomber jackets with highest quality fabrics and can feature any design you want. We make custom varsity jackets, and custom letterman jackets for colleges, fraternities, football teams, sports teams, schools and wholesalers. You can customize your varsity jacket in any way you want, using your own logos, colors, materials, letters and numbers.

Whether you want a custom varsity jacket with a simple embroidered logo, mascot or letter, we will work with you to create the perfect design.

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Custom Bomber Jacket Pricing (Based on Quantity):

Micro Polyester Varsity Jackets

$69.90 (10+50)
$64.99 (51+100)
$59.99 (101+250)
$54.99 (251+500)
$49.99 (501+)

Custom Bomber Jacket Pricing

$79.99 (10+50)
$74.99 (51+100)
$69.99 (101+250)
$64.99 (251+500)
$59.99 (501+)

Wool Body and Wool Sleeves

$74.99 (10+50)
$69.99 (51+100)
$64.99 (101+250)
$59.99 (251+500)
$54.99 (501+)

Tackle Twill Embroidery

tackle twill embroidery

Standard Regular Embroidery


Chenyl Embroidery

Shinyl Patche shinyl embroidery

What’s Included?

  • Free custom Bomber Jacket design

  • Choose between buttons or zips.

  • Add your own mascots, logos or letters.

  • Personalized nicknames

  • Unisex Fit

  • Quilt Lining

  • Machine Washable

  • 2-3 week delivery

Fabric Used

  • On Demand No Extra Charges

....Hamco Sports has been manufacturing best quality Bomber Jackets since 2011....

Design Your Own Bomber Jacket

You can design our varsity jackets any way you want. Add your own custom logos, mascots, letters and designs. The varsity jackets body, sleeves, cuff, collar and waistband can be customized to your liking in any color and design you can think of.

To get started with your varsity jacket design fill out our quote form for an instant quote and design or simply fill out the contact form below.