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How Much do Basketball Uniforms Cost?

If you are a new entrant into the basketball court, the foremost task would be selecting an appropriate uniform. Out of the infinitesimal varieties, colors, printing methods, qualities, and retailers, the crucial intent when choosing the right basketball uniform cost. A budget-based screen-printed jersey would cost half or even lesser than a fully customized sublimated one.

For practice sessions, a monocolored jersey and shorts would do great. For school sports, digitally engraved or (preferably) reversible jerseys are suggested. The shirt varieties and usage purposes define which jersey you would buy and wear on the day. Let’s explore various alternatives alongside a cost-based analysis on which basketball uniform would fit well inside your budget and how much do basketball uniforms cost?

What’s Included in the Basketball Uniforms?

Complete basketball kits or uniforms comprise home and away jerseys and shorts with inscribed team names and player numbers alongside like-colored sneakers and socks. For teams, sometimes the jersey and shorts are considered uniforms, and it depends greatly on the players’ willingness or team rules about the assigned uniform code. Generally, like-colored joggers aren’t the essential part of the team’s uniforms, however, a complete sporting kit might include joggers, socks, bands, stripes, shoelaces, and other accessories. For practice sessions, players’ names might not be an obligation and a simple jersey would be an affordable choice. Whereas, for home and away matches at school or club, players’ names and jersey numbers are required by the team management.

Quality Vs. Quantity

The quality of sports uniforms is directly related to the budget. For basketball, the uniform cost may start with a monocolored practice jersey at $10 or a $100 sublimated sports uniform with a completely customized front and back design and computer-aided infusions. The custom-made shirts are many times more expensive than the ones without a name and logo.

The quality as we know depends entirely on the budget range of a sportsperson or team management. For example, a locally printed basketball jersey with screen printing would normally cost around $10 – $15. A similar jersey, when ordered from a professional sports uniform designer and maker, would cost double i.e., $30, or higher. Moreover, if you are buying uniforms in bulk, the unit costs will be lesser, and customers will save the shipping costs that would incur on individual purchases. The better the quality, the higher would be the price.

There are two major options in a quality selection process that determine the cost of uniforms, which are screen-printed and sublimated color infusion.

Screen-printed Basketball Uniforms  

Screen printing is the most affordable and commonly preferred uniform printing process for low-budgeters. In the United States, screen-printing normally costs as low as $20-$30 per jersey, which includes team logos, player numbers, names, etc. For a dozen jerseys, the cost might go down further to $17-$25 per jersey if bargained well. If you are a private team that wants to spend a minimum on jersey expenses, a simplistic screen-colored jersey is a great choice.

Reversible Jerseys  

Reversible jerseys have two-sided printing on the same clothing, which means that both sides must be printed with the players’ names, team IDs, and numbers. Sometimes, they seem handier and more cost-effective than buying home and away uniforms separately. In practice, the cost of reversible jerseys is considerably lesser than purchasing home and away jerseys separately. However, screen-printed reversible jerseys wear out and fade faster than one-sided uniforms. Also, reversible jerseys absorb more moisture/sweat than normal basketball uniforms cost, hence becoming slacker with time.

Sublimation Basketball Uniforms

The process includes top to toe designing and infusing procedures with personalized hues and shades, team colors, player’s tags, numbering, striping, and logos right from the computer program into the jersey. Sublimation includes custom saturation of everything into the jersey design with the help of digital designing methods. Here, the colors are instilled perfectly in the uniform through the computer design. Moreover, the applied graphics seem as if they are an integral part of the shirt, no fades whatsoever.

The cost, however, is a bit higher than screen-printed basketball uniforms. If a jersey with screen printing normally costs around $20 apiece, a similar shirt with sublimated infusing would amount anywhere between $45-$95 each, which is more than two to four times the cost of a normal screen-printed basketball jersey. Similarly, reversible jerseys with sublimated design would cost between $60-and $110 each.

Where to buy the Cheapest Basketball Jerseys?

Selecting basketball uniforms offer multiple choices from quality selection to design choices and budget. In the USA, Amazon features the most extensive portfolio of jersey makers and designers in the online market. Similarly, AliExpress is another trusted and relatively affordable B2C platform to buy quality stuff from China.

Baffled? Why not purchase directly from the manufacturers themselves if you can? HAMCO Sports is a Pakistan-based international wholesaler manufacturing and design company that offers fully customized basketball jerseys with cutting-edge design features. Our basketball uniform range extends from screen-printed to perfectly designed sublimated jerseys as per customer requirements together with complete satisfaction on quality and size. A single-sided sublimated jersey at HAMCO Sports costs $19.4 each for 10 or more units, which is considerably cheaper than international sellers’ price and is also marvelous in quality as per our international sports clothing standards. Check out the complete range of basketball uniforms for all genders and sizes from the ‘Team Uniform’ section or chat with us to get direct quotes for bulk orders at an extremely reasonable price range.

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