We have our very own in-house backpacks uniform designer department, bringing your dream custom backpacks to life!

Hamco Sports specializes in manufacturing backpacks, jerseys and apparel of superior quality. Our custom backpacks uniforms are designed according to your exact requirements and best suited to match your teams brand image. Simply pick one of our backpacks designs, let us know your team colors, logos and team name. You can also submit your backpacks design to us online. All at no extra cost.


  • Free design consultation with our backpacks designs designers.

  • Select any one of our styles below.

  • Best backpacks designs sublimated uniforms.

  • Unlimited designs elements, logos and colors.

  • Players names and numbers included in pricing.

  • 3 to 4 week turnaround time.

  • No hidden fees or charges.

  • Create the exact uniform you want, we have our own apparel design department.

  • Submit your own design or send inspiration of what you’re looking for in a backpacks designs uniform design.

  • Numbers, names and logos that won’t peel, crack, fade or come out in the wash.

  • Premium crafted backpacks designs tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Affordable backpacks designs that don’t sacrifice in quality and appearance.

  • Super durable – even better than the traditional backpacks designs .

  • Feels and makes your team look great when worn!

Design your own Backpacks design.

Start your order now and get it in 3-4 weeks.

View some of our custom backpacks designs:

Step 1:
Fill out the request form.

Take a minute to fill out the request form with some general info on your custom uniform order. We’ll contact you right away to begin working on the designs that you want. 

Step 2:
We create the custom designs.

We will work with you closely to come up with the perfect set of custom uniform designs for your organization and then send the order to our manufacturer.

Step 3:
You receive the order in 3-4 weeks.

Once we finalize all the designs and put in the order you should expect your custom apparel in 3-4 weeks, for your players to enjoy.


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